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Thursday, 19 May 2011


It is an insect and rodent control system that proved very effective, efficient and competitive. To implement the Integrated Pest Management takes first steps as follows:  

Ø Inspection pest.  
Ø Identification of pests.  
Ø Selection of pest control methods.  
Ø Implementation of pest control.  
Ø Evaluation

The concept of Integrated Pest Management is beneficial are as follows: a. The combination of several control methods The purpose of combining control methods are: Ø Faster. Ø More successful. Ø Durable.
b. Economical The goal is that the cost must be balanced with the results, should be effective, appropriate and well targeted.
c. Safe In the implementation of control there are no adverse side effects and environmental health.
d. Eliminate pests Integrated Pest Management is a system to eliminate the pests in an area so that pests do not come from within the area and then be monitored to kill pests that come from outside, so that the target pest elimination can be achieved. 

2. Sanitation Pests will always exist when there is still a supply of food, water and shelter. Good environmental sanitation to prevent pests multiply quickly and are very helpful success of Integrated Pest Management program. Action is needed on environmental sanitation are: 

 Ø Examination of clean water.  
Ø Supervision sewerage. 
Ø Control of insects and rodents.  
Ø Control of waste disposal.  
Ø Control of pollution.

Methods: Integrated Pest Management 

 a. Initial Treatment (month I)  
b. Regular Treatment (month II - XII) Period of contract: min. 1 year

Coverage of pests:
a. Mouse (All Types Rat)  

b. Insects crawling (all kinds of cockroaches, ants, spiders, centipedes, etc.)  
c. Flying insects (flies, mosquitoes, etc.).

Procedure of work will be done in the following manner:
a. Initial Treatment Pest control as a whole in order to eliminate existing pest populations. Initial treatment will be accompanied also by suggestions and recommendations on improvement of sanitation, access closure of pests, removal of nests and other suggestions to support the success of control.
b. Regular Treatment Pest control method "Inspected-Treated" with the aim to prevent and monitor re-infestation of pests that come from the surrounding environment. With regular treatment, it is expected the new pest population growth can be stopped early. Regular treatment will also be accompanied by suggestions and recommendations on improvement of sanitation etc. found during routine inspections and monitoring. 

To control rats, control is integrated with the method "3 Rings Monitoring System" is:
a. Ring I in around the fence (the inside) buildings, aims to monitor, prevent entry of rodents from the environment around the courtyard and eliminating it.
b. Ring II on the surrounding walls (outer side) of buildings, aims to monitor, prevent entry of rats from the page into the building and eliminating it.
c. Ring III on the surrounding wall space in the building, aims to monitor as well as eliminate the rat that is in the building.

Given the nature and the specific behavior of various types of pests that exist, it is necessary to a warranty  to its customers as follows:
a. For rats, cockroaches, ants, spiders and centipedes - we will try to eliminate the population at each visit, and if there are problems during the contract term and will make additional visits WITHOUT ADDITIONAL FEES IMPOSED.
b. For flying insects (mosquitoes and flies)  will try to eliminate the population at each visit, but remember cruising and easy it is their pest infestation in the building, we are NOT able to provide an additional visit at no additional cost. Jakarta Pest Control will recommend the installation of equipment such as fly catcher insect repellent, black holes, etc. as an addition to the purchasing system.

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